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'Lost in Art'

Group exhibition, Galleria360, Florence, Italy. October 7th - 31st, 2022

Galleria360 has selected works for the new artistic exhibition “Lost in art” that have the strength to lead us to those worlds where the artists get lost and find themselves during their creation, allowing us to be able to know them and in some way make them our too. 

Artist Statement

Hazelle Palmer: Lost in Art (Series 1 to 5)

Art is transformative. It opens your eyes to new experiences and allows you to imagine anything. For me, Lost in Art, represents transformation – taking something old and reimagining it as something new. Series 1 to 5 are works based on previous paintings I completed years ago. I have reimagined them as collages (paper and acrylic on wood) weaving a hint of whimsy or illusion in each piece. In doing so I’ve created works that have new meaning for me and for those observing them for the first time, there’s an invitation to lose yourself in the magic and illusion of each piece. Art is magical too. 

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