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Hazelle Palmer is a Toronto-based artist. She is drawn to a dynamic palette of rich, rustic tones that evoke the colours and memories of her childhood experiences and celebrate the style and characteristics often associated with her Caribbean heritage. Her work\ explores how colour is used to define identity and how the use of texture and patterns bring those identities to life.  Her work is always evolving from the abstract to collage to figurative depictions but central is an element of imperfection – often visible in how she blends colour, layers paper in collages, or the sometimes-awkward positions of the figures in her work which suggests the challenges we all face in fitting in. 
Hazelle has been an artist for over 30 years and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. In addition to private collections, her work has appeared on the covers of publications including “Tales from the Gardens and Beyond” and “Eyeing the North Star”. She recently held a solo exhibition (Lived Experience) in May 2022 at the 2Gallery in Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.



Recent work from 2022

Japanese paper collage and acrylic, on wood. 

View the full gallery to see Hazelle's body of work in this series.

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